Software construction is the detailed creation of working, meaningful software through a
combination of coding, verification, unit testing, integration testing, and debugging


SoftwareConstruction.Dk is my software consulting and contracting company dedicated to the craft of scientific software engineering on open source platforms. While successful software engineering always includes aspects of good coding taste and has a touch of arts bestowed on it, I consider the most important skills to be experience in many application domains, and sound craftsmanship and coding principles.

My coding effords are concentrated on these core principles:
- anticipation for change by agile management, design and execution
- reduced complexity by readable code and thorough understanding of business domain
- constructed for verification by logical software design and testing
- coding efficiency and safety by reuse of well-tested open source components
- data exchange and system integration by use of industrial strength software standards

I work as software contractor with an extensive skills set, which is brought in to your team to:
- provide skills and expertise in current industry strength scientific software programming
- work on-site, typically on a single project and see it through from idea to completion
- analyze data and business domain, design, develop algorithms and program code as required
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