Software construction is the detailed creation of working, meaningful software through a
combination of coding, verification, unit testing, integration testing, and debugging


Skills Profile
Project Management Agile and risk-reducing IT project management using Scrum. Planning, estimation, architecture, requirement specifications, project coordination and financial controlling on national/international customer projects and international EU R&D projects up to size of 6000 hours.
Marketing and Sales Technical marketing, pre-sales and sales contract negotiation for industrial customers in Denmark, England, France and Germany. Estimation of budget and resources, writing proposals for industrial and EU projects.
Consultancy On-site architecture, software development and project management consultancy.
Domain knowledge Customer domain knowledge in the fields of container shipping, information retrieval (IR), bio informatics, dynamic systems, mathematical modeling, quantum mechanics and 3D graphics.
Software design Software design, architecture and implementation of scientific and/or numeric applications: mathematical modeling mathematical optimization, graph theory, data mining, robust statistics, full-text indexing, dynamic systems, quantum mechanics and 3D graphics.
Algorithm design Design, mathematical analysis and programming of mathematical and statistical algorithms.
Testing Best practices, design and implementation of unit test frameworks, regression tests, benchmarking and automated software build processes.
Documentation Technical documentation, project documentation and customer bids in English, German and Danish.
Technical research Technical research, literature studies and technical consulting in international R&D groups.
Knowledge sharing Knowledge transfer, teaching and technical coaching of fellow employees and customers.
Mathematics Mathematical modeling, numerical algorithms, robust statistics, signal analysis, linear programming and general mathematical optimization, projective geometry, 3D graphics, graph theory and network topology, linear algebra, functional analysis, operator algebra, group theory, dynamical systems, non-linear as well as linear control theory.
Physics Mechanics, fluid mechanics, quantum physics, superconductivity, theory of special relativity and general relativity, analog and digital electronics.
Business start up Business plans, market analysis, implementation plans, estimation of budget and finances, applied and achieved semi-finale top 10 in the Scandinavian Venture Cup 2002-2003.
Languages German (native), Danish (native), English (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English). Elementart proficiency in French and Italien.
International experiences Raised in Germany, lived in Denmark since 1984, studies in Rome (Italy) and in St. Louis (USA), customer contact, project meetings and working relationships all over Europe and USA.
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